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The Provenance

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Certificate of Authenticity

A significant part of the paintings and graphic works of the artist Natalia Khrustaleva is realized through a virtual art gallery - Gallery ChN.

At the request of the buyer Gallery ChN issues a Certificate of authenticity for any original work of the artist.

A certificate of authenticity is required if the painting is being sold for the first time and its buyer plans or, at least, does not exclude its subsequent sale, or if pthe painting is purchased as a gift. In all other cases, provenance is just a nice addition to a work of fine art.

The Certificate of Authenticity of the Gallery ChN contains information about the work, including its photo, dimensions, year of creation, technique and material (basis), the artist's handwritten signature, a unique number, as well as a QR code with a link to the certificate online.

The service for issuing the Certificate of Authenticity is not free. The price is 1000,- rubles excluding the cost of producing any required number of copies in the printing house and subsequent delivery to the customer.

You can order a Certificate of Authenticity in any convenient way before, during and even after buying a painting by Chrystaloff Natalia (ChN). Including by using a contact form on our website.

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