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Examples of works

  • ...
    "Portrait of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau", 2018 г.

    watercolor on paper, 28х19 cm

  • ...
    "The Cabin Boy Fedor", 2021 г.

    oil on cardboard, 40x30 cm

  • ...
    "The Kiss", 2022 г.

    oil on canvas on board, 40x40 cm

  • ...
    "Portrait of Eliso", 2019 г.

    oil on canvas, 70х50 cm

  • ...
    "Eternal Beauty of Wisdom", 2018 г.

    watercolor on paper, 28x19 cm

  • ...
    "Perky Bows", 2021 г.

    soft pastel on primed cardboard, 50x40 cm

  • ...
    "Pigtails Miracle", 2021 г.

    soft pastel on primed paper, 36x33 cm

  • ...
    "Rocker", 2021 г.

    soft pastel on pastelmat, 47x39 cm

  • ...
    "Portrait of a Girl", 2021 г.

    watercolor on paper, 40x30 cm

  • ...
    "Portrait of a Man", 2021 г.

    pencil on paper, 40х30 cm

  • ...
    "The Redskins' Chief", 2018 г.

    watercolor on paper, 28x19 cm

  • ...
    "The Friend", 2017 г.

    pencil on paper, 30х20 cm

Ordering a portrait

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Chrystaloff Natalia (ChN)

The Artist Chrystaloff Natalia (ChN) has been successfully working in the portrait genre for a long time using all known techniques, including oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, pencil.

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Chrystaloff Natalia (ChN)

Regardless of the technique chosen by the customer, work on a portrait can be carried out both from life and photo.

With a comparable result, the cost of a portrait from life is higher due to the need of renting a studio or interior suitable for posing, which complicates logistics and causes more time spends from not only the artist, but also her model or models, in case of a group portrait. This is why customers most often go for portraits from photo. As long as it is of good quality and meets all the necessary requirements.

The price of a portrait consists of the artist's work, cost of materials and extra costs which result based on customer's wishes. For example, a non-standard size of a painting on canvas will increase its cost due to the necessity of ordering a custom stretcher, and the suggestion of "putting a finished portrait in a frame" will raise the price tag by not only baguette workshop services, but also a certain number of additional hours spent by the artist directing and controlling the entire process.

In order to make it easier for customers to get an idea of the portrait prices, we have developed a simple table with the basic prices of creating an intimate (up to the waist, on a neutral background) individual portrait of a rectangular or square format, depending on size and media, including the cost of materials involved:

Size Oil Pastel Watercolor Pencil
20х30 - 5.000,- ₽ 4.000,- ₽ 3.000,- ₽
30х40 10.000,- ₽ 7.000,- ₽ 6.000,- ₽ 5.000,- ₽
40х60 15.000,- ₽ 11.000,- ₽ 9.000,- ₽ 8.000,- ₽
60х80 20.000,- ₽ 15.000,- ₽ 12.000,- ₽ 11.000,- ₽
80х120 30.000,- ₽ 20.000,- ₽ - -
Size Pastel Pencil
20х30 5.000,- ₽ 3.000,- ₽
30х40 7.000,- ₽ 5.000,- ₽
40х60 11.000,- ₽ 8.000,- ₽
60х80 15.000,- ₽ 11.000,- ₽
80х120 20.000,- ₽ -
Size Oil Watercolor
20х30 - 4.000,- ₽
30х40 10.000,- ₽ 6.000,- ₽
40х60 15.000,- ₽ 9.000,- ₽
60х80 20.000,- ₽ 12.000,- ₽
80х120 30.000,- ₽ -

Obviously, portraits can be double, triple or group; have non-standard sizes, be oval or round (so-called "tondo") and created in any other, for example, mixed technique or media. In all cases, the price is determined for a specific task, based on all the introductory data received.

Please fill out this form and send it to us so that we can calculate the cost of creating your portrait.

Portrait Calculation Form
Number of persons:
Technique of Execution:
Painting Method:

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